Believe the in-between moments are the most honest.

Believe in happily ever after.

Believe in love and family and all things simple and good.

Believe that love and life can be poetry.

Believe that today will be exactly as it is supposed to be.

Tyler & Maggie

A short little same day slideshow from Maggie & Tyler\'s Bogey\'s Inn reception with highlights from their special day.

Megan & Will

One week before her last chemo session, Megan & Will had a winter wedding. And since it was winter, why not do some tobogganing on the shores of the frozen Sydenham River. They laughed, they cried and then they danced.

Kristin & Dave

A lovely wedding in the bride\'s parent\'s backyard surrounded by their closest family and friends.

Kirstie & Ryan

On the hottest day of the year, Kirstie & Ryan were all smiles and open to anything that happened along the way, including antique fire trucks and random motorcycles who pulled over to join the celebrations.

Kayla & Nolan

A beautiful intimate farm wedding in the bride\'s grandfather\'s backyard and the coolest outdoor dance floor.

Alfred & Christine

A lovely summer Brander Park wedding, followed by a reception at the Wilkesport Community Centre.

Allan & Jacqueline

A First Look on the groom\'s grandmother\'s Port Lambton dock, pictures at his parent\'s farm, then on to the coolest barn church just outside of Chatham, Ontario.