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Into Something Better: Rainbow Falls, Ontario Canada

May 29, 2017
Sleeping In The Forest by Mary Oliver
I thought the earth remembered me,
She took me back so tenderly
Arranging her skirts
Her pockets full of lichens and seeds.
I slept as never before
A stone on the riverbed,
Nothing between me and the white fire of the stars,
But my thoughts.
And they floated light as moths
Among the branches of the perfect trees.
All night I heard the small kingdoms
Breathing around me.
The insects and the birds
Who do their work in darkness.
All night I rose and fell,
As if water, grappling with luminous doom.
By morning I had vanished at least a dozen times
Into something better.

I am so honoured and excited to be a part of this group of Creative Goddess Freelensing Mamas from around the globe as we strive to get our kids outside and Into Something Better, whether that is a grand adventure or just a few steps outside of our doors.

This month, my daughter and her bestie wanted to explore a secret “waterfall” we discovered this spring, and have dubbed Rainbow Falls. The girls brought a picnic, a blanket and some art supplies to paint the water as it tumbles from the drainage ditch at the end of our road, down the steep bank and into the river.

This spot is actually a junk heap where generations of local farmers dumped their garbage, but in the midst of rolls of wire, discarded farm implements and rusty mattress springs, there is beauty and growth as the earth reclaims this riverbank. The blossoms welcomed us, and the trickling water serenaded us on our afternoon adventure.

Up next in the circle is the insanely talented Anna Larson from Olympia, Washington.