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100 Days of Winter, christmas

December 24th and 25th

December 30, 2015

Christmas Eve morning: Since the post office seems to have lost her reply from Santa (she ended up getting 2 letters late, late Christmas Eve delivered to our mailbox), our Elf on the Shelf brought a certificate confirming that she indeed was on the Nice List (she was a little worried, apparently she thought that perhaps she had been naughty a few too many times). And since we had been battling a stomach bug all week, we didn’t have any cookies for Santa, so we whipped up a batch before heading off to Grandma’s.Sherri Davis Photograpjy-14 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-15

Then we made the trek to Grandma’sSherri Davis Photograpjy-29 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-28 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-27  Sherri Davis Photograpjy-23 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-24 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-25 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-26 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-20  Sherri Davis Photograpjy-17 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-18 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-19 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-20 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-30 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-31 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-32Sherri Davis Photograpjy-33 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-34 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-35 And then it was bedtime stories by the fire with Uncle Brian before making the 1.5 hr trek home (which turns out is sightly shorter than The Polar Express movie, which they finished watching at home)Sherri Davis Photograpjy-36 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-37

Sherri Davis Photograpjy-39Time for tracking Santa for one last time and getting his cookies and milk ready.

Sherri Davis Photograpjy-38 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-41

And then morning. Actually it was still the middle of the night, but let’s just say it was morning. Sherri Davis Photograpjy-43 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-44 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-45 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-46 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-47 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-48 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-49 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-51 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-52 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-51

Christmas Day is always sad when the kids realize that our Elf on the Shelf is gone and won’t be back until next year. Sherri Davis Photograpjy-42

The rest of the day was spent on Marble Mania.Sherri Davis Photograpjy-53 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-54 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-55 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-57 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-58 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-59 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-60 Sherri Davis Photograpjy-61