I live a messy, crayon and lego filled life on a century farm smack dab in the middle nowhere, somewhere in rural Southern Ontario Canada with my husband, two children, a dog, one chicken a menagerie of cats and kittens, and my camera. In winter you can find me skating on my backyard rink with my kiddos or building a snow fort. In the summer I’ll be barefoot in the grass chasing a praying mantis/butterfly/snake or at the beach making yet another sand castle. I have a strange obsession with clotheslines and have been known to wash clean bedding just so my kids can play in the wet sheets as they dry in the wind. I am addicted to fresh-baked bread, caprese salad, chocolate chili pepper tea. I am a rebel and a rule breaker. Most of my rebellion now comes in the form of Freelensing and not putting sunscreen on my kids.

My job is Mom. My camera is my therapy.

The simple act of unhooking my lens from the camera to freelense takes away all thought about technically correct images. And that clears my brain to shoot what I feel. That moment the lens detaches, I am forced to surrender myself and my expectations. The only thing I can do is to have faith that the pictures will come. The more I practice, the more I work on my state of mine, the easier they come, and the more often. There are periods when they don’t, usually during the cold, dark days of winter. I have recently realized that I need those cold, dark periods, like a wildflower seed needs winter in order to bloom in summer, I too require periods of darkness in order to thrive in times of light.

My photographs are unstaged and unplanned. They are born of my journey of motherhood. My attempt at living mindfully and with gratitude. My own state of mind is my most powerful and effective tool in creating art. Without being in a place of quiet contemplation, my brain becomes concerned with the technical aspects of a photograph and I loose the ability to see clearly.

I have had my images featured in Let The Kids Dress ThemselvesLight Inspired, Fantastically Flawed, The Gratitude Collaborative, and Lensbaby Photographer Feature . I have been published in Dreamer – A Creative Sketchbook as well as The Long Way Home Magazine and I am a past contributor to Let Them Be Little, 52 Saturday Mornings, Cherish This Day, Our Year Of Stories and Kids Were Here.


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A. Smith Gallery, Johnson City, Texas – Summer Juried Show (JHM Award) – June 2017

A. Smith Gallery, Johnson City, Texas – She Juried Show (JHM Award) – May 2017

Refined Fool Brewery, Sarnia, Ontario – April 2017

Feature Shoot/Kids of Kathmandu Gala & Auction – Manhattan, NY – October 2016

Wallaceburg & District Museum, Wallaceburg, Ontario – Juried Show July 2016

LOCAL Curated Art Show, Sarnia, Ontario – June 2016

The Curated Fridge, Somerville, Massachusetts – May/June 2016 Fridge Show

A. Smith Gallery, Johnson City, Texas – Childhood Juried Show – March 2016

Wallaceburg & District Museum, Wallaceburg, Ontario – Child’s Play Solo Show March 2016

Smith & Lens, Bay St Louis, Mississipi – Wonderland Juried Show August 2015

Wallaceburg & District Museum, Wallaceburg, Ontario – Juried Art Show – Summer 2015

Wallaceburg & District Museum, Wallaceburg, Ontario – Juried Art Show – Summer 2014