a year of stories


February 7, 2017

Hotel room mornings. The blackout curtains do their job. We sleep until 9am. The housekeeping cart waits, silently in the hallway. Waiting for the guests to descend on the waterpark. Soon we will put on our damp bathing suits, and take the elevator downstairs. The Wooly Mammoth. Canada Vortex. Bobcat Falls. We will search valiantly for a table to put our towels. Tomorrow before we head home, we will drive along the gorge, past Clifton Hill. This city, world famous and normally busting at the seems with tourists from the far corners of this planet. But in January, the crowds will be non-existent and we get a parking spot in the front row.  Yet you and your brother will be more interested in riding the twin escalators in the visitor centre. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Eventually we drag you outside to see Niagara Falls. One of the 7th Wonders Of The World, or so we thought. It turns out it isn’t. Most of the places on the list google provides me I have never even heard of.

Sherri Davis Photography Our Year Of Stories-3

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